Closer Look at HVAC

A Closer Look at HVAC

HVAC is a type of air conditioning and heating system that regulates the temperature and humidity in a structure. It is an integral part of homes, offices, hospitals, cars, and marine environments. In addition, it is used in industrial and commercial facilities. HVAC was first invented during the industrial revolution. Today, new technologies and methods are constantly being developed. However, the basic functions of HVAC are still the same. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of HVAC.

HVAC is a complex system that works to move air and keep indoor spaces warm or cool. There are three main components of an HVAC system. Ventilation is the first part of the system. Natural ventilation takes advantage of pressure differences in the outdoor air to force the air into occupied spaces. Modern buildings, however, are sealed to prevent this natural ventilation process. Hence, modern HVAC systems must use blowers, fans, and filters to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity.

The piping in an HVAC system is a central part of the system. It transfers air, water, steam, gas, or condensate. There are two types of HVAC piping: delivery piping and central plant equipment room piping. Depending on the type of piping, it may not be insulated.

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